Ginger By the Sea : Mixed Media Art

ginger feture

I put making mixed media art on the back burner earlier this year to concentrate on greeting cards and kids craft kits that I sell on Etsy.  I got a text message from Cathy at Sunrose Gallery recently: “We need a new ‘Ginger’!”  That’s code for a picture featuring a chunky braid with rich ginger hair.

ginger start

I start by Googling braided hair and found this photo on my first try.  I print out two copies and adhere the first copy to the watercolor paper.  I use the second copy to use as a pattern for the sections that I made out of copper medium weight ArtEmboss.


I love using ArtEmboss because it can be used for so many applications!


Ginger hair

I embossed each section of the braid with lines to simulate the hair strands and after the whole braid was finished, used many colors of rust and orange paint to cover the copper metal.


ginger birds

I painted the sky and water and added some clip art seagulls (I don’t paint birds!)


ginger feture

All that was left was to paint her neck and make a pretty glittery scrapbook sweater. It sure was fun to dabble with mixed media for a change!

“Ginger by the Sea” is at Sunrose Gallery here in Seaside, Oregon and ready to go to a loving home someday soon!


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