Repurposed Beetle Napkin Necklace

beetle napkin feature

I found these colorful beetle napkins at a fun shop in Astoria, Oregon recently and could hardly wait to see if I could repurpose a piece of tin into a whimsical  beetle pendant.

beetle before chain

The first step was to separate the layers of the napkin and decoupage it to a piece of cookie tin.  I like to decoupage with Diamond Glaze by Judikins.  Since I am impatient, I use the hair dryer and the glaze is dry in under 3 minutes!

beetle back

I got a roll of 16 gauge aluminum wire at Dollar Tree and used tape to hold the legs      while I decided where they should go.

beetle back 2

Next, I cut a piece of ArtEmboss and covered the back with E6000.  After the glue dried, the legs were very sturdy.

beetle steps

Since I purchase jars of junk jewelry at Goodwill, I have many unmatched pretty beads!  I like mixing it up.  I used an old necklace chain and added my mismatched beads so the length would be 24″, a good length for a larger pendant.

beetle napkin feature

I can hardly wait to find another package of fun napkins, it is fun to repurpose napkins into one of a kind objects!




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