Free Printable Tutorial for Hand Painted Lapel Pin


sunflower lapel pins new feature

I found a fabulous deal on lapel pin backs and ordered 100 of them!  So I have been trying to dream up some unusual ideas for little pins measuring about 1.5″-2″ .


sunflower hand painted lapel pin start

Years ago I made this picture for myself with a print out of some sunflowers that I added a thick layer of acrylic paint to the sunflowers after the image had been decoupaged with ModPodge.


sunflower printout photo for pdf

I used my photo software to make individual images and sized them, because when I am wearing a lapel pin I don’t like a big chunky one.


handpainted sunflower pin supplies

These are the supplies you need if you want the paint to be raised with texture.  You mix the acrylic paint with a dab of the Gel and mix well.  The gel gives body to the paint.


handpainted sunflower pin feature

sunflower lapel pins closeup

Step One:  Cut a piece of tin or heavy chip board

Step Two:  Adhere the image to the tin (or chip board) with glue stick.

Step Three:  Seal the top with Diamond Glaze (my favorite) or ModPodge.

Step Four:  After the sealant is completely dry mix up a batch (you don’t need much) of paint with the gel and use a trowel tool with a skinny end applying paint over each petal making as much texture as you can with each stroke.  Let dry.

Step Five: Cut the edges of the tin and cover the edge with a black permanent marker.

Step Six: Adhere a lapel pin finding to the back.  I like E6000 the best.

I debated whether to seal the paint because I have caused textured paint to crack after I have sealed it sooooo I am not sealing the painted surface.



sunflower printout photo for pdf


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