Freebie Friday: Free Printable Birthday POCKET Greeting Card

Sue's card feature

I made this little card for my friend Sue.  We give each other money or a gift card every year for our birthdays.  Her birthday is first, mine a few months later and the plan is to go on a shopping trip and spend our moola!

Our most memorable birthday shopping extravaganza was a few years ago when we happened on “thrift store” row in Longview, Washington.  Boy did we find some treasures!

gift card card start blog

gift card pouch for greeting cardphoto for pdf

I used greeting card clip art flowers and made a “pot” to fit the flowers with tabs that fold back to form a pocket for the gift card holder.

Step One: Print out greeting card pdf.  on cardstock.

Step Two: Print flower pot pdf. on regular printer paper. FYI: cardstock is harder to fold and attach than regular printer paper.

Step Three: Fold the greeting card in half and trim to 5″ x 7″.

Step Four:  Cut out the pdf. flower pot and fold the tab sections and attach to the greeting card to form a flower pot base for the clip art flowers.  I used regular glue stick to attach it but you could use hot glue if you are certain the pot is in the correct position.  (I had to reposition the pot several times LOL)

It’s handy to have a stack of birthday cards on hand and this one is easy to make an instant birthday gift with a few dollar bills.  ENJOY!



happy birthday pocket card photo for pdf

gift card pouch for greeting cardphoto for pdf



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