Repurposed Plate Trinket Dish Waterslide Transfer

trinket dish feature

This 99 cent Goodwill plate got a birthday gift makeover with some Etsy clip art and inkjet waterslide transfer paper.


trinket dish steps

Step One: print out image on water slide paper.

Step Two:  Cut out image in the shape you want.

Step Three:  Use clear acrylic spray paint to cover image.  Let dry and repeat two more times.

trinket dish curl

Step Four:  Put in a dish of water…it will curl up immediately.


trinket dish water

Step Five:  Uncurl water slide paper and gently lift out of water as soon as the paper uncurls.

Step Six:  Slide the clear image unto your plate and gently use a dry cloth to “squeegy” the water underneath the water slide so it is flat.

trinket dish feature

Now you have a trinket dish for rings or the keys or paper clips if you take it to the office!

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