Freebie Friday: Cloudy with a Chance of Happiness Greeting Card

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Five years ago my husband and I sat in a doctor’s office and received the news that confirmed the diagnosis of prostate cancer.  We are both strong believers in God. When I say God, I mean the Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit.  We believe the Bible when it says “take up your cross and follow Me.”

So when we heard the news from the doctor who had a very clinical way of delivering the news we didn’t flinch.  Evidently our reaction wasn’t what the doctor was used to so she took a big breath and raised her voice a little and said: “Evidently you don’t understand, THIS IS TERMINAL!”

She didn’t understand that the Holy Spirit was in the room holding our hands and I was shocked to see she was a little frustrated with our calm reaction!

I was so glad to get out of that room and when we got out of earshot I told my husband “Well, she tried put a big black cloud over our head, but God is in control and since we don’t know if the next breath is our last….we need to live in the moment!  Right then we vowed to pursue daily happiness.

Since then we have turned pursuing happiness almost into an artform!  We eat the healthiest food we can think of using spices that make the taste buds tingle.  We enjoy our friends and family and expect a lot of laughter when we are together.  We garden together and go for a walk or drive every night to look at the ocean and have a nice conversation without a phone interrupting.  Plus we enjoy watching our tv shows.  We live a simple life and though my husband’s health issues are always clouds on the horizon, we have found the sentiment of my greeting card is applicable:  Cloudy with a chance of happiness!


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  1. Wow Patty! I know the feeling of sitting there hearing the doctor giving your husband a “dire” diagnosis! I’ve been there! But it sounds like you guys are doing great, and both have awesome attitudes! Also your greeting card is really pretty! My best to you both!❤️


  2. Beautifully said, Patty. I have also received a “dire” cancer diagnosis and agree the best thing we can do is make the most of each day and have faith in God’s plan for us. Thank you! I love the card too!

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