Freebie Friday : Cavallini Gift Wrap Bonanza!

card paris hope nest set feature

There is the best art supply store in Astoria, Oregon called Dots and Doodles.  I never make a quick trip in their doors!  There is too much cool stuff on their shelves and I always go in the back room where they have a big ladder-type display with Cavallini  specialty papers.

cavallini paper blue birds on green

I couldn’t leave without this wonderful print!  I was immediately inspired to make some greeting cards by cutting up sections of the print.  After I made three cards using different sections of the print,  I cut out all the birds so I can use them in future projects.

card cavallini paper

The one sheet produced three greeting cards and now I have 5 birds left over.  YAY.

card hope feature

I used some scrapbooking paper and made a washi tape accent with a clip art “hope”.  After I scanned the image into my computer I added a heartfelt sentiment which by the way… my testimony! All that was left was add my pretty bird with a glue stick.

card nest feature

It was fun dreaming up the sentiment….aren’t the birds so cute?

card paris feature

I love the bright red stamp and postage markings.  Paris is definitely on my bucket list and I don’t know if I will ever get there, however I do have a ticket for Heaven.  YAY!

I have made these three greeting cards into pdf images for you to :


cavallini hope photo for pdf


cavallini Paris card photo for pdf


cavallini two birds photo for pdf


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