Freebie Friday: Free “Good Vibes” Greeting Card

good vibes better

I made this piece of art with a jar of junk jewelry I got at a thrift store last year.  I just love getting double duty from an art project so I decided to make a greeting card using a photo image of the piece.

I love the pastel colors and the cool thing about using a 5 x 7 image is there is no guesswork when doing the final trimming!  All you do is trim to the edge of the art.

I Googled “Good Vibes” and came across this interesting scale at JadeArchives:


Looking at this “emotional set-points scale” sure makes it easy to determine what are good vibes.  It just dawned on me that the world today is swirling with bad vibes! In order to keep balance in our lives we need to keep positive things like joy,  belief, empowerment and love first and foremost  in our hearts!


good vibes for pdf




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