Garage Sale Necklace Makeover

sassy necklace feature

This necklace makeover was fun to do using up a collection of mismatched beads in my “sort these beads” box.  Now that I used up a lot of them….I have less beads to sort!  LOL.

sassy necklace upcycle start

I got the necklace at a garage sale recently for $2.00 and wondered how hard it would be to attach rows of beads. Turns out it is easy using long length head pins.


sassy necklace upcycle closeup 2

I used the large beads on the bottom and the smaller ones on the top level.  There was no need to attach beads to the center metal band because the necklace was full enough using the top and bottom bands.

sassy necklace upcycle start 2

I didn’t like the existing chunky chain, so it was removed and I debated making a “collage” of my beaded chain or using the pretty beaded chain at the top of the photo.


sassy necklace feature

The beaded chain won. This necklace made a successful makeover and since I already had the materials the out of pocket cost was $2.00!  YAY!

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