Driftwood and Sheet Music Feathers Wall Hanging

driftwood and sheet music feathers feature

Since I live at the North Coast of Oregon I am always trying to come up with inspiration for the FREE pieces of surf tumbled driftwood I find on the beach.  Feather art is very popular nowadays and when I stumbled on free “doodle” feather clip art I thought it might be a fun to try making a wall hanging using vintage sheet music.

doodle feathers 1

Free clip art websites intend you to DOWNLOAD the image however I use the “Save Image AS” choice on my computer.  (Sometimes when I have downloaded free images I get a message from my computer that the image isn’t safe).  Next I printed the images on vintage sheet music that I trimmed to 8.5″x 11″ so they fit perfectly in the paper tray on the printer.   Since I wanted the feathers to have backs I used my photo software to flip  horizontally and printed a each page of feathers flipped horizontally also.

doodle feathers more

This page of  doodle art feathers were my favorite!  After I printed them on the vintage sheet music,  I used a fine tip permanent marker to enhance the design to make the doodle art POP.

driftwood and sheet music feathers feature

Step One:  Drill holes in the driftwood for the bead strands AND two holes on each end for a hanger.

Step Two:  Use 20 gauge annealed black wire to make sections of black bead strands in the length you want.  I made mine approx. 5 inches long.

Step Three:  Print doodle art feathers on vintage sheet music.  Print one copy as it is and use your computer software to make a horizontal flip and print one copy.

Step Four:  Use a permanent marker to make doodle accents on the feathers for the fronts and backs of each feather.

Step Five: assemble the feathers by gluing a 10″ wire down the center of each feather using hot glue to hold together.  Add beads on the extra wire on the end of the feather.  Attach that to the other bead strands.

Step 6:  Make a wire hanger for the top and the wall hanging is done!

FYI: if you want to make your own wall hanging you can Goggle “free doodle art feathers” or right click your mouse and choose “Save Image As” to print the doodle art feathers in this post.


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