Freebie Friday: I-Dill-ic! Dill Aioli Recipe Greeting Card

i dill ic feature

I was bragging to my brother how much the dill must like our sandy soil because it has really taken off.  We have already harvested and dried a lot of dill.  Since I never pass up an opportunity to dream up a pun I told him my dill was idyllic.  It immediately dawned on me “hey, I have a new greeting card!”  The only thing left was to alter the spelling:  I-dill-ic.


dilll aoili harvest

Since we live at the beach our soil is extremely sandy…that’s what dill likes!

My husband is the cook in the family and he adds dried dill to many of his recipes.  I have NEVER experimented with fresh dill and I figured it was about time so I Googled dill recipes and the first one that popped up was Dill Aioli Sauce.


dill aoilo start

Since I had all the ingredients on hand I decided to give it a try.


i dill ic back

How easy is that?  Place all ingredients in the food processor and blend.

The first day I poured some aioli on tuna salad and it was the perfect compliment. The next day I drizzled a little on my breakfast eggs which was a fabulous addition!  The flavors of the dill had developed and it was even tastier.  Then for lunch I made a turkey wrap sandwich with a nice layer of the dill aioli and used up the last of it on my dinner salad.  I definitely give the recipe a thumbs up!


card idillic

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