Bedazzled Driftwood Jewelry Holder & Driftwood Inspiration Ideas

driftwood jewelry holder feature for blog

Next time you are at the beach, gather some driftwood to make some nifty crafts.  I made this necklace holder using old junk jewelry I have gathered.

driftwood jewelry holder for blog

All it took was some hot glue to attach the pieces in an artful composition. Screw in cup hooks you get at the big box store.  Finally drill a hole at each end and thread a wire hanger.

I searched on Etsy for other driftwood jewelry / key holder inspiration:  WoW!

dri 3

This ethnic themed holder really stands out on the wall!

dri 2

I love the bands of paint…this makes the holder not only functional, but also a piece of art.   NOTE: the piece is attached to the wall with screws so it doesn’t shift with the weight of the keys.

dri 1

I wish I thought of this!  So beachy, artsy, and practical all at the same time!

dri 4

What a lovely combination natural surf tumbled driftwood, jute and cup hooks can make!  All the jewelry makes a lovely assemblage for the bedroom.

Don’t forget to gather driftwood at the beach!


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