Freebie Friday: THREE Free Printable Chicken Greeting Cards

I have a friend who told me about Jacques Pepin and how popular his chicken art is. I got curious, did a Google search and was amazed that some of his pieces sold for more than $15,000.00! That got me inspired to try some chicken art of my own.
My chicken didn’t turn out a masterpiece, but it does look like a chicken at least LOL! That got me inspired to make some chicken greeting cards. I played with checked scrapbook paper, some scrapbook elements like ribbon strips and flowers and I purchased some chicken clip art from Etsy. Once I made one card, I had to try different colors and designs…so I ended up with three I am sharing today.

This card has such a fresh farm feel!

I think this card will be a fabulous way to start someone’s day.

This is my favorite chicken….love the blue and golden!

I hope you like these fresh greeting cards…feel free to click and print as many as you wish!


card hey chick card for pdf chicken oh happy day photo for pdf card have a happy day chicken photo for pdf

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