Repurposed Inspiration: Pizza Box Clock

pizza box featureRecently my daughter and son-in-law came for a visit and they went off on their own for lunch to a local pizza place I have never gone to.  When they returned with this pizza box that had their leftovers inside, I grabbed the box because I have never seen such a cute takeout container! pizza box clock The graphics on the box are so cool…I wanted to try making a clock by adding some color to the already fabulous design and inserting a mini quartz clock movement. pizza box side

I little paint and permanent markers made the graphics pop!

pizza box closeup 1

I used paint pens and permanent markers to add definition and design.

pizza box closeup 2

It was fun to decide which colors would make the graphics POP.

pizza box closeup inside

Mini Quartz clock movements are inexpensive and really easy to insert.

pizza box closeup back

All that was left to do was attach a hanger at the back with hot glue.

pizza box feature

Hope this inspires you to see the possibilities for clock making!


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