Freebie Friday: Altered Altoid Christmas Gift Card/Money Holder Free Printable

red truck feature

This altered altoid tin is a fun way to upgrade your gift of money, gift card, or tuck a few chocolates inside for a handy last minute gift to have handy.

red truck front

You can add as much decoration as you want….little details elevate the tin from an obvious “Altoid” tin.

red truck info 2

Step One: Cover the side with diamond wrap, washi tape, or fancy ribbon.  Decorate with glitter glue dots.  Let Dry.


red truck info1

Step 2:  Attach the printable with Mod Podge and decorate the edges with mica snow flakes with a glitter glue edge (I like Ranger’s Stickles.)  Let Dry.

Step 3:  Using a 1″ tall sisal Christmas Tree, shave the back of the tree flat with scissors and apply the tree to the truck bed with hot glue.

red truck inside

Step Four:  Using a glue stick attach sheet music liners to the insides.


red truck back

Step Five, Using Mod Podge, attach a piece of sheet music to the bottom.


RED TRUCK photo for pdf


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