Repurposed Inspiration: Retro Atomic Advent Calendar

retro atomic advent calendar blog

I like to keep up with what is a bestseller on Etsy and I have discovered retro mid century items a very popular.  I was inspired to make  this retro inspired advent calendar after I saw an Ebay auction with vintage green buttons.


retro atomic advent calendar 2 blog

After I got the idea I found this metal platter at Goodwill for $4.00 because it had a red sticker….50%off day.  I spray painted it a nice avocado green.


scrapbook paper tree

It was fun to decide on the iconic details that say Retro Atomic Mid-Century.  I found the scrapbook paper on Etsy and purchased the digital download printing the design in pink, green and blue.  Then I cut strips to form the tree.


retro atomic advent calendar retro numbers

It took more time than I care to admit to make these numbers!  They were attached with glue stick.


retro atomic advent calendar buttons

Next, I used hot glue to attach strong magnets to each button.


retro atomic advent calendar 2 sparkle font

I found some Retro Sparkle font to say Merry Christmas.


retro atomic advent calendar cat

Next I printed out a Retro Cat clip art image and used Mod Podge to attach it.


retro atomic advent calendar 2 icons

Finally, the last iconic image was the sparkles.  I grabbed the wrong pen when I drew the sparkles on the tray and had to go over each line with a permanent marker.  I think the sparkles definitely add to the ambiance of the Retro Atomic Mid-Century vibe.

retro atomic advent calendar blog

I imagine this advent calendar hanging in a pink kitchen brightening a retro lovers holiday!

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