Freebie Friday: Beaded Flat Lay Free Printable Christmas Card

bead tree flat lay card for blog

I made another flat lay greeting card.  It is so fun to use pretty gold beads to make the tree, then use them for another project after taking the photo.

bead card start

I went to a local thrift store and got all these gold metal beads for $2.00!

Step One:  Sort the beads according to size.

Step Two: Cut pieces of 20 gauge wire into 13 graduated pieces. (Three will be the tree trunk at the bottom).

Step Three:  Place pieces of double stick tape on a piece of paper in the shape of the tree.

Step Four:  Thread the beads on to each wire and lay on the paper in graduation sections.

Step Five: Take a photo!


gold confetti_0014_15

I purchased a digital download to be the background on Etsy.  I liked having the interest of the gold glitter, but a plain background would work.  I am including a free printable of my creation if you don’t want to make your own card.



card bead flat lay photo for for pdf






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