Bevy Of Beauties Repurposed Buttons and Pearl Necklaces

bevy of beauties

Ah ha!  I emptied my button bottles making some fantasy cone Christmas Trees!  Plus I emptied the last of a shoe box of loose pearls.  YAY!

tree 5

This was the first creation after I purchase a bag of necklaces that I twisted around the homemade poster board cone and filled in with loose pearls.

tree 1

I used pearl necklace pieces and pearl garland sections to map out a pattern and filled with little vintage white buttons.

tree 3

I used vintage buttons and the last of my fabric trims.  This one is very dainty!

tree 4

This one is a cool combination of pearls hot glued on and sections of vintage buttons.

tree 2

This design is the easiest!  Just when I am getting tired of glueing on buttons, I get to do sections of pearls.

tree 6

I almost used up all my black buttons!  I started with a black glitter cone tree so black glitter shows in the tiny uncovered spaces.

tree 7

I started with a green glittery cone tree so sparkles show that give the tree a little glam!

button trees gold

Finally I made a dent in the gold tone buttons…doesn’t it look rich?

All these trees were made with Dollar Tree posterboard that I roll into the cone shape and decorate.  If you want to see how click here.



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