Easy to Make Sheet Music Ornament

sheet music ball ornament

This sheet music Christmas ornament is the perfect family Christmas project.  The ornament doesn’t take many supplies and if you have a 3″ paper punch, it takes only minutes to make one.


sheet music orn 1

Step One:  Cut or punch out 20 three inch circles.

sheet music orn 2

Step Two:  fold each piece in half.

sheet music orn 3

Step Three:  Using a glue stick, coat two halves and glue them together.  Glue 10 pieces together.

sheet music orn 4

Step Four:  after the first 10 pieces are glued….glue the other 10 pieces together keeping them separate.

sheet music orn 5

Step Five:  Cut a wire 8″ long and gather some beads.


sheet music orn 6

Step Six:  Twist the top of the wire and place a bead.  Then place the wire along the seam of the first 10 pieces.  Coat the other 10 piece section with glue stick and put the sections together to form the ornament.


sheet music orn 7

Step Seven:  thread the other beads on the bottom and curl the wire to hold them in place.

sheet music ball ornament

Step Eight:  Fan the ornament sections out to be ball shaped and place on the tree or as a replacement for a big bow on a Christmas present!



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