Ping Pong Ball Ice Cream Ornament #2

pearl cone feature

I’ve always thought ice cream Christmas ornaments are so fun and whimsical. Earlier this year I got a package that was cushioned with thick brown textured Kraft paper that reminded me of a waffle cone so I tucked it away to make my version of a cone.


ice cream cone ornaments start

I went to Dollar Tree for ping pong balls to use for the scoop of ice cream….and these were the only ones they had.  LOL.  Since I was using hot glue to attach them, I made sure the eyeballs went down!


ping pong ball cone start

I cut and glued the paper to make a 4″ long cone and attached the ping pong ball with hot glue.

Next I used a 24 gauge copper wire to thread on small creamy colored pearls using hot glue to attach them about 1 inch at a time.

At the top, I twisted the wire into a loop and secured the tail of the wire with hot glue with the one final pearl going on top of the tail.


pearl cone feature

I think it is fun to memorialize the year with a “2020”.  This was a fast and easy ornament to make!

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