Repurposed Inspiration: Faux Stained Glass Christmas Night

christmas tree night light feature

Recently I made fall themed night light using the same technique and supplies as this faux stained glass  Christmas tree night light idea.

christmas tree night light

I purchase some products at Michael’s Craft store that come in these plastic containers.  The plastic container isn’t thick….only the screw top section is on the thick side.   I took a photo of a stained glass tree that I sized to fit the container.

The scissors cut through the threads on the top of the container and after I cut of the top section was very easy to cut a piece that would fit my image perfectly.

Step One:  Cut a piece of plastic 4″ x 3″ (I used a jar type container, but a flat piece of plastic works also.)

Step Two:  Download pdf. of faux stained glass Christmas tree BELOW.

Step Three:  Apply a THIN coat of Mod Podge on the plastic and put the image on the plastic, smoothing all wrinkles or air bubbles.  (I used a hair dryer to quickly dry it.)

Step Four:  Glue the night light assembly to the plastic.

Step Five: Us sharp scissors to cut out edges of the tree.


christmas tree night light glaze

Step Five:  After the image was cut out, I used Diamond Glaze to seal the top. Again, I used my hair dryer to make short work of the glaze setting to a shiny finished product!


christmas tree night light feature

This little night light would make a cute and inexpensive Christmas gift!


tree night light photo for pdf


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