Pick Your Nation Altered Altoid Glass Magnet Set

germany magnets feature rs

I made this set of magnets for my daughter-in-law using my Altoid -type tins.  It was easy to make using a copy of a vintage  German travel poster and a map of Germany.

I found some really cool vintage travel posters on the internet…I Goggled “vintage travel posters”:

I think the posters make an easy way to alter the top of the Altoid tin and if a location is especially meaningful, you can print out a street map of the location to make coordinating magnets.  Make a print out of the travel poster 4″ x 2.5″ to fit the tin. After you print it out, trim with scissors to fit the tin lid top.

After the lid is decorated you can decorate the sides and inside of the tin.


germany magnets

I find it easiest to squirt hot glue on the map location and then firmly press a flat glass marble (gem) and let it cool.

After the hot glue is cool, cut out the glass marble as close to the bottom as possible.

germany magnets inside

All that is left to do is attach a strong magnet to each flat marble bottom!

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