Freebie Friday: Free Printable Altered Altoid Tin Korean Magnet Set

korean magnet feature

My daughter is learning to speak Korean so when I was making a list of ideas for magnet sets I decided to make a set for her to use at work.


korean magnet inside

I used some antique paper decorated with symbols for the top and to line the insides of the Altoid-type tin.   The magnets say :  YES, NO, MAYBE, and LATER.

Step One:  Download and print pdf.

Step Two: Cut out altoid tin pieces and use Mod Podge for the top and glue stick for the insides to attach the paper.

Step Three:  Apply either hot glue or E6000 to the top of the words and place a flat glass marble quickly while you are pressing the extra glue from under the glass.

Step Four: after the glue has set, use scissors to cut as close to the bottom of the glass marble as possible and use glue to attach a strong magnet.

Step Five:  Cut out the label pieces and attach to the top.



korean magnet set photo for pdf



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