Fancy Schmancy Mandala Pendulum Clock.

mandala clock feature

When I went to Michael’s Craft Store I found a pendulum clock movement in the clearance bin for 70% off. Well I didn’t have to think twice about purchasing that! I’m always trying to think of a craft to use mandalas because I have purchased so many clip art mandalas through the years!  I started playing with my bamboo skewers to make an artsy pattern on a 10 x 10 canvas. When I found the pattern that I liked decided how many mandalas I needed and  decoupaged them on heavy 300 lb water color paper so they would be sturdy.


mandala clock front

I printed two different mandalas for the clock face.  One was 4 inches in diameter and the other fit in the center perfectly.

mandala clock side

I printed the mandalas  in different sizes for variety and tried to stick to a bohemian color scheme.  I used E6000 to attach the bamboo skewers to the canvas.


mandala clock face

If you have never tried making a clock, I can tell you the movements you find at a craft store are very easy to assemble.

mandala clock bob

I used the same mandala for the center of the clock face and for the pendulum bob.

mandala clock feature

I guess I can officially say this clock is one of a kind…where else can you find a clock made with bamboo skewers and mandala clip art?  LOL


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