Freebie Friday: Free Printable Altered Altoid TV Screen

russ altered altoid

I made this altered Altoid TV screen in honor of my younger brother Russ who’s birthday is today!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BRO!

The corners turned out a little funky because my clip art TV was a rectangle, but I have never worried about perfection….that’s what whimsy is all about.  (teehee.)

I have a little folder of vintage family photos tucked in the studio. This photo was taken at Grandma’s house in Roundup, Montana and was a perfect blast from the past of my brother and me.  I like to scan the photo into my computer and make a high quality inkjet print.

After the TV is printed, simply cut out the screen window and attach the photo.

I like to use Mod Podge to secure the printouts to the top of the Altoid tin, for some reason glue stick doesn’t stick for the long haul.

Altoid tins are really fun to repurpose.  I plan to fill this tin with something practical like rubber bands!


altoid tvs photo for pdf



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