Cutting Board Upgrade with Pebeo Glass Paint

aaa cutting board feature

When I got a new tempered glass cutting board I decided to give it a little pizazz with some glass paint!

aaa lauras glass start

This is a simple project that simply eats up time! LOL The glass paint takes about 5 hours to dry so this project actually took 5 days to complete.  The glass paint brand is:


aaalaura's tray starta

I covered the underside of the cutting board with painter’s tape with different widths.  I use a nitrile glove and spread the glass paint with my fingers so painting goes very fast.  After the paint was applied, I set the cutting board in a safe place to dry and let it dry overnight.  Then I applied new painter’s tape to make new stripes and form the plaid.

aaa cutting board feature

Finally, after the pattern was good to go, I put the cutting board in the oven 170 degrees for 30 minutes to make the colors permanent!

This was a fun project and turned out better than I expected teehee.

Here are some fun ideas other folks used Pebeo Vitrail paint:

pebeo 4


pebeo 3


pebeo 1





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