Freebie Friday: Free Printable Goonies Magnet Set

goonies feature

I have had so much fun repurposing and altering altoid tins!  Lots of folks on my Christmas list got a set of magnets….this set was for my son-in-law.  He was a kid when the “Goonies” movie came out and he has a big collection of “Goonie” gear.


goonies inside

I took phrases from iconic scenes in the movie and put them under the glass gems. Then used hot glue to attach strong magnets.  All you have to do to make this set is print out the actual size PDF, cut out the Altoid tin pieces and attach them to the top and insides and bottom.

To attach the glass gems to the phrases, I think it works best to squirt a dollop of hot glue on each phrase. Press the glass gem to make the hot glue spread. Then when the hot glue cools, use scissors to cut the paper as close to the bottom of the glass gem.

Add the magnet to the bottom and your set is complete!





goonies magnet sey photo for pdf

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