Repurposed Broken Clock Makeover #3

repurposed clock piece 3 resized

Usually I have to scrounge for items to repurpose at garage sales or thrift stores.   I got the supplies for three new repurposing ideas from an accident in my studio!


repuposing clock start for blog

I had purchased this clock at a garage sale a few years ago because the clock was so cute and it had personality I thought my studio needed.  It fell from it’s home on the top shelf and had a 6′ fall then the clock hands flew off!

When I was trying to take the clock apart I was afraid to use too much force to pop the clear plastic dome.  However after I decided to make a mandala clock I gave up trying to preserve the dome.  I took an awl to the edge and to my amazement the clear dome popped off easily being pried by the awl.

repurposed clock piece 3

It was so fun to make this 10 x 10 gallery wrapped canvas.  I used the dome to make a focal for a Wizard of Oz themed mixed media.  The clip art ruby slippers fit under the dome and I attached little paper flowers to decorate the edge.

So this was the final project made with my broken clock!



repurposed clock set

It is so fun to make something new from something old!


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