Freebie Friday: Free Printable Sew Very Happy Greeting Card


SEW VERY HAPPY card front

I love phrases that are a play on words!  This card was result of a mixed media piece of art I made recently.

sew very a

I drag the sewing machine out a few times a year to mend something but when I was young I had a passion to sew.   It was so fun to spend time going through the pattern books at JoAnn Fabrics.  I also had a weakness for pretty fabric. Many times I would fall in love with fabric without finding the perfect pattern.  After I had a hope chest full of fabric drastic measures had to be taken!

I made  a resolution that I had to use the fabric ….no more new fabric until the old was used up.  Well that cured me LOL.  Nowadays I only purchase fabric for upcycling projects and I admit I miss the satisfaction and joy of taking a flat piece of fabric and causing it to have new life as a garment.

Back in my sewing days I really was “Sew Very Happy”!



sew very happy greeeting card photo for pdf



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