Freebie Friday: Free Printable Smile Greeting Card

smile start

I was next in line at Rite-Aid and the elderly man at the checkout was interacting with the friendly cashier.  They continued their conversation after the purchase was finished for a few minutes.  The man walked away with a smile on his face as he shuffled away from the cash register.

I was REALLY glad my ability to have a huffy attitude seemed to be MISSING  when the cashier greeted me with a smile.  After she thanked me for my patience, she explained the fellow lived by himself and walked to Rite-Aid everyday.  She assumed his daily purchase was his only interaction with the outside world and she wanted him to have a meaningful contact with someone who was genuinely interested in him.

The Rite-Aid employee was such an example of using her smile to change the world! And I am so glad that my few minutes of waiting for their conversation to be over didn’t change my smile.  It was a true lesson about grace and patience learned.  The world needs more grace and patience, don’t you agree?

I made this free printable greeting card for you to click and print.


smile photo for pdf

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