Repurposed Flatware EAT Set: Chalkola Chalk Markers Review #2

Chalkola eat for blog

I got a surprize email from the Chalkola Company wanting to gift me some craft supplies to tryout and see if I would recommend them to my readers.  I never have tried Chalk marker pens and definitely had a lot of fun using them!  This is the second of three upcycling projects using the pens and I give them two thumbs up.


eat sign inspiration

I saw this photo on Pinterest and loved the idea, it became the inspiration for the three 10 x 10 gallery wrapped canvas set.


eat sign beginning

It was fun to dig through Goodwill’s flatware bin to find pretty designs.  I used salad forks because they are shorter.


eat sign start

Paint the flatware bright colors and paint the canvas complimentary colors to suit your decorating pallette.


eat sign chalk paint markers start

I used the chalk markers to make the dots.  It is amazing how fast the chalk markers dry!


Chalkola E

Before I permanently glued the flatware to the canvas I outlined the alphabet letter with a whimsical design and filled the outline with squiggles.


Chalkola A letter

I had fun painting cherries, lemon slices and strawberrys to decorate each canvas.


Chalkola letter

After each canvas is assembled I sprayed them with a light coat of acrylic sealer to make the chalk marker permanent.

The chalk markers are very juicy and I LOVE the opaque coverage….when I’m using acyrlic paint pens sometimes you need several coats and even then the colors don’t pop on a colored background. I LOVE THE POP OF COLOR!

The price of the set of chalk markers I used costs $16.95.

The Chalkola company is happy to provide my readers with a 10% discount using this code: WHIMZIVILLE10


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