Freebie Friday: Free Printable God is Good Greeting Card

god is good card jpg

Several years ago I received this cute little message board that has magnets to attach to the fridge.  The message “God is Good” is as true today as when I put it up years ago.

Do you have a few minutes I can tell you a little story from my past?  In the 90’s I was a single mom to four kids with barely enough money to live on.  I got a car in the divorce settlement…a YUGO.  When I went to DMV to license it I couldn’t believe the low license fee since the car was only two years old.  The DMV cashier looked at me with scorn and said “Lady your car is like a Bic lighter, it’s disposable.”

Well I discovered the truth in her statement when my son was in an accident and instead of fixing a car that was two years old with about $1200 in damages they totaled it for $950.00 after my deductible!  Now I was going to have to purchase a car for less than a thousand dollars because I didn’t have any saved funds to add to the insurance payment.

I had never purchased a car before and I asked the Lord to help me.  He immediately gave me some good news as he told me “The car will come to you.”

I worked in a dental office and I figured a patient would have my car.  All week long I inquired of every patient…. but that idea was a dead end.  That weekend I took a deep breath and decided to call some ads in the local paper.

When I called about a Dodge Phoenix, the woman was so excited to hear that I was a single mother.  She said emphatically “this car is perfect for a single gal, it is VERY dependable.”  However I was disappointed to hear she lived about 30 miles away and I really didn’t have the means to get to her.

To my shock she retorted, “No worries, we’ll bring the car to you!”  A few hours later they pulled up in the car fresh from the car wash and they were correct:  it was very dependable.  I kept the car for about another year and a half when the Lord did a miracle to get me a brand new Sundance. (That’s another story about God’s goodness for another day.)

Now that was proof of God’s goodness!


God is Good for pdf


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