Upcycled Lamp Shade :Chalkola Chalk Marker Review #3



Chalkola Lampshade

I got a surprize email from the Chalkola Company wanting to gift me some craft supplies to tryout and see if I would recommend them to my readers.  I never have tried Chalk marker pens and definitely had a lot of fun using them!  I made three upcycling projects using the pens and give them two thumbs up.


chalkola lamp shade start

I had an old burgandy colored lampshade that I covered completely in a nice coat of black chalk paint.



chalkola lamp shade 2

Chalk markers need to have a non porous surface to work so I covered most of the lampshade with waterproof Mod Podge.  I thought it would add a nice texture if I left some of the original chalk paint, so I used painters tape to mark off stripes.


Chalkola Lampshade

I had fun making making whimsical flower shapes with the chalk markers and defined the lines matching the dots and flowers.


chalkola chalk markers set

Altogether I really enjoyed my chalk marker crafts!  It was really nice of Chalkola to gift me with them and I do recommend their brand if you haven’t tried chalk markers before!

If you wish to order your own chalk markers  go to Chalkola and use WHIMZIVILLE10 for a 10% discount.


Chalkola journal book

Chalkola Chalk Marker Project #1


Chalkola eat for blog

Chalkola Chalk Marker Project #2


Chalkola Lampshade

Chalkola Chalk Marker Project #3





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