Vogue Magazine Book Dust Jacket Clock: “Beauty Time”

beauty time clock

I really had a lot of fun making this clock using a gallery wrapped canvas and the image from a dust jacket of my vintage Vogue Magazine Covers coffee table book!


The image is SO artsy!  It definitly inspired me but I made a few adjustments and embellishments to the dust jacket.


beauty time start 2

The wonderful red mirror back seemed like it would be perfect to subsitute a clock face.  However the artsy face needed some pizzaz so I added eyes, darkened her hair and made a print design on her sleeve.

beauty time start for blog

I purchased an art deco digital border on Etsy and since I wanted it to match the canvas, I used the same paint on cardstock.  When the paint was dry I put the painted cardstock through the printer.


beauty time side view

I gave the lady an earring and another ring that was attached with E6000.  All that was left to do was install the mini quartz clock works and some art deco font spelling out “Beauty Time”.

beauty time clock

It’s fun to made clocks from unexpected sources!


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