Repurposed Inspiration: Sushi Mixed Media Assemblage


sushi feature

Here in Seaside, Oregon at Sunrose Gallery, all my sushi themed art sells pretty fast! When I go out for Chinese food I take my chopsticks home so I have some handy when sushi inspiration hits.


sushi plaque

I found this 10 x 10 box art on the clearance table and couldn’t pass up the price: $3.97!  A quick coat of acrylic paint covered the outside which now became the back because I needed a shadowbox for this assemblage.


sushi start

I used the white corrugated liner from a box of chocolates to simulate the rice for my sushi.  I got the little plate at Goodwill and the fish was a find from a garage sale last summer.

sushi fyi

sushi feature

After the collage was assembled I added a washi tape border and put red metal corners for a punch of color.  The fish was attached to the top with E6000. It will be fun to hear who purchased this whimsical piece of sushi art!

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