Beach Souvenir: Driftwood Beaded Wall Hanging

Driftwood wall hanging feature

I live in Seaside, Oregon where the city is fronted by a sandy beach 1 1/2 miles long. There are always little pieces of driftwood sprinkling the beach that are sun bleached and worn that can be repurposed into a pretty wall hanging…a project the whole family can participate in to make a lasting memory of a fun day on the beach!


driftwood wall hanging start

Step One:  Use a pen to mark where to drill holes.  (When you are drilling these holes you can also drill one at each end for the wire hanger.)


driftwood wall hanging bead info

Step Two: Make colorful bead sections cutting most of the wire 3″ long, but making a few sections 4″ long for contrast.  Us needle nose pliers to make loops at the ends of the wire.


driftwood wall hanging bead strands

Step Three:  connect the bead sections.

driftwood wall hanging wire info

Step Four:  Cut pieces of wire depending on the thickness of your driftwood.

driftwood wall hanging hanger info

Step Five:  Insert the wire pieces and cap the ends with a bead.  Then attach the bead strands.  Drill a hole at each end for the wire hanger.  Loop the hanger at both ends to secure it to the driftwood.

Driftwood wall hanging feature

There you go!  A cute wall hanging from a piece of driftwood….a perfect beachy memory to hang at home!

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