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procrastinate tomorrow feature

I collect phrases and I love this one : “Procrastinate tomorrow.”  When you write that on a note it makes procrastinating almost legitimate!  I thought it would be fun advice for Frida to give so she decorates the card with that whimsical phrase.

One thing that gets me over the hump of procrastination is writing a list.  It seems almost magical if I have written a list I get things scratched off by the end of the day.  However now that I am retired from my day job things don’t seem as necessary to accomplish as they did back when my time was a premium.

I got on Pinterest and searched : “procrastination” and found some cute signs.  If you have a to do list that is getting longer day by day maybe these pieces will inspire you to get started on your project.


procrastionation 1


procrastionation 2


procrastionation 3

Have a happy day!


procrastinate tomorrow photo for pdf


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