Repurposed Inspiration: Jigsaw Puzzle Statement Necklace

puzzle necklaces feature

My neighbor had a garage sale a few weeks ago and I fell in love with one of the puzzles she had marked for $1.00!  I have been thinking of puzzle necklaces and this puzzle was perfect for the project.

jigsaw puzzle necklace start

There was a lot to choose from with this whimsical puzzle…little animals or pretty flowers.


jigsaw puzzle necklace 2 jpg

To my happy surprize when I got the puzzle home it was basically put together!  It was folded into four large chunks.


jigsaw puzzle necklace 3

I put the four sections together and picked my favorite vignettes:  the colorful flower section at the bottom for the statement necklace and individual small animals.


jigsaw puzzle necklace 4

I used Mod Podge to glue the back together, but because it is such a large area I didn’t trust the Mod Podge to last. So……

jigsaw puzzle necklace back image

….. I scanned the puzzle section into my computer and printed out a mirror image which was attached with Mod Podge.

jigsaw puzzle necklace 5

However, I trust Mod Podge to hold the smaller sections together of the little necklace and lapel pins.

jigsaw puzzle small necklace back

I coated the back with Mod Podge and the front has a coat of Diamond Glaze.

jigsaw puzzle lapel pins

These sections didn’t work especially well for a necklace so I attached lapel pin findings to their backs with hot glue.

jigsaw puzzle lapel pins back

These lapel pins are truly one of a kind!

puzzle necklaces feature

Here are the steps:

Step One: After the pieces are together as you want them, coat the back with Mod Podge to weld it together.

Step Two: When the back is dry, coat the front of the section with Diamond Glaze (or any other shiny glaze product).

Step Three: When the top coat is dry, drill holes for the necklace chain.

Step Four: Use a juicy black permanent marker to cover all the edges of the section.

Step Five: Use jump rings to attach necklace chain.

jigsaw necklace display end

So happy how my statement necklace turned out….so whimsical and fresh for spring!








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