Repurposed Inspiration: Super Easy Beach Clock

repurposed beach clock feature

It’s garage sale season again and I am always looking for bargains AND inspiration. I was inspired to make a super easy clock makeover.


repurposed beachy clock start

I got this nice composite wood clock for a song: 50 cents!  I decided to make a beachy themed clock with some clip art paper that already had pretty starfish placed in just the  right places  to mimic a clock.


repurposed beach clock back start

The clock movement worked, but since I plan to sell it I tossed the movement and put in one that was brand new.


repurposed beach clock info

Step One: Cover the clock face with beach themed colors (scrapbook paper or paint.)

Step Two: Cut out magazine font alphabet letters to spell “beach time” and attach them with glue stick.

Step Three:  Insert clock movement and attach hands.

Step Four:  Use hot glue to attach actual tiny starfish to mark 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock.


repurposed beach clock feature

Super easy repurpose….watch out for old clocks at garage sales or thrift stores!

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