Freebie Friday: Free Printable Greeting Card

seaside swings card feature

Welcome to my town: Seaside, Oregon!  I try to walk the wide cement walkway named “The Prom”….(short for promenade) every day where I witness vacationers enjoying our little beach.

seaside beach info

I was walking the prom last week when some middle aged folks with a thick accent asked me “Do you live here?” and they were so excited when I told them I was a local.  The tone of their voice went higher as they asked with a twinkle in their eye, “We hear you have swings on the beach!”  I informed them there were three sets of swings.  One on Avenue G, one at the Turn Around and another in front of the Aquarium.  They got spring in their step as they headed down the Prom for a swing adventure!


seaside swings 1

It is so romantic to swing on the beach and I love that the City of Seaside maintains the swings!

After my encounter with the folks so excited about our swings I decided to take some photos and commemorate our swings on a greeting card.


seaside swings photo for pdf







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