Never Met a Hoodie I Didn’t Like: Seaside Version

sweatshirt feature 1

If I could be accused of an addiction it would be to hoodies.  Hoodie sweatshirts, hooded jackets, tops with hoods!  When I go shopping I usually come home with something with a hood LOL.   I got this peachy-pink sweatshirt on the clearance rack for $9.00 last fall and finally got around to adding my own iron-on graphic.


sweatshirt font start

I got these clip art printable alphabets on Etsy.  I collecct magazine font for FREE, but these letters are just too cute to pass up!


seaside set for blog

I scanned the original “SEASIDE” into the computer and used my photo software to change the colors so I have a cool assortment of letters.  After I changed each set, I gathered them on one document and printed out the collection.


sweatshirt closeup

Then I printed a SEASIDE set on printable fusible fabric transfer paper.  After I cut out each letter I started the (irritating) process of separating the fusible front from the backing and used my ruler to line up the letters where I wanted them.


sweatshirt 2

It takes 60 seconds to fuse the letters….be sure you follow directions and use a piece of parchment paper over the letters….and NO water in the iron.

avery dark fabric

This is the paper I used.  It is so easy from start to finish…except for removing the backing after the little letters are cut out.

sweatshirt feature 1

Even though the image is backwards…it still shows my cute SEASIDE letters,  I experimented with doing a horizontal flip with my software to show SEASIDE correctly but my eyes were looking in the wrong direction (freaky)!!!





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