Love Story: The Stars and the Sea

oyster shell collage

I got this huge oyster shell at a garage sale recently and had fun turning it into a little piece of beachy art.

oyster shell

After a nice coat of dark indigo acrylic paint I attached tiny metal gold stars and a clip art sailboat.  Next I used a gold gel pen to write the sweet message:  “the oldest love story is between the stars and the sea.”


oyster shell collage

I’ve sold a few beachy art pieces with that sentiment …. is so romantic!

After I finished adding a hanger on the back I took a break and checked out Pinterest for other DIY oyster shell ideas:


These are glammed out with rich gold paint, I think they are very artsy!


oys 2

This is so creative…I am guessing the pearl represents where someone lives.


oys 3

Wow!  These wedding party oyster shells are a real statement piece!


oys 4

I saved my favorite shell makeover for last!  This is so classy using pearl beads for the feet and glorious blue pearlized bowl.  This makes a pretty trinket dish!

It is so fun to find a new purpose for something as humble as an oyster shell!


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