Repurposed Inspiration: Beachy Wall Hangings from Destash

destasch feature

I didn’t know the term “destash” until I joined Etsy years ago.  When I did a search for junk jewelry I was constantly seeing “destash” and discovered it meant “I want this stuff out of my house.” teehee.

destash start

I had a container chock full of beaded chains from garage sales or terrific bargains at craft stores.  I used them when I was making fancy schmancy earrings.  Those earring making days are over and I was thinking of making a destash listing on Etsy. However inspiration hit and I decided to use a few pieces of driftwood to make some “Destash” Wall Hangings.


destach closeup ends

The first wall hanging was a combination of beaded chains and antique silver charms that needed to go.


destach fyi

Step One:  Drill two sets of holes in a piece of driftwood.  One hole for the hanger and the other to attach a 20 gauge annealed piece of wire that has been twisted with loops  (use needle nose pliers) to hang the beaded chain.

Step Two:  Attach the beaded chain varying the lengths.

Step Three:  Add charms, pendants, or jewelry findings to add interest to each bottom of the beaded chain.

Step Four:  Add a wire hanger at the top.


destach 2

I had so much satisfaction of using all the larger beaded chains I was inspired to DESTASH all the colorful beaded chains.  Now my container is EMPTY……YAY!


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