Repurposed Lampshade Inspiration

lamp 1

A local vacation rental store added some really cool decor recently and I had to check it out!  My house is decorated very beachy and I am always looking for new inspiration.

lamp inspiration

I loved the look of this lampshade.  The price for the lamp was over $300.00 which is definitely out of my price range!  I have two brass lamps that I got at Goodwill and after checking back several times I finally found two lampshades that were the proper size for each lamp.

lampshade supplies

I purchased the fabric  at JoAnn Fabrics and the store clerk recommended the Quilt Basting Spray to hold the fabric in place.

lamp 2

I was most excited about using the rope edging, but after trying it around the egde of my first lamp I preferred leaving the edges undecorated.


Step One:  Roll shade along fabric, cutting two inches above and below edges of shade.
Step Two: Spray Lampshade with fabric adhesive.
Step Three: Glue fabric to lampshade, then trim the top and bottom edges to 1/2″.
Step Four: Tuck over fabric on edges and glue in place.
lamp 2
This was an easy project and gave my living room a little upgrade!



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