Repurposed Inspiration: More Puzzle Mixed Media Art

puzzling mixed media

When I work on my art, I am pretty messy and sometimes my work table is stacked up to 6″ with layers of drawers, stacks of paper and pans of beads.  When I finally get the piece finished I have to sort through the mayhem and toss the trash.

mixd media puzzle art

Recently I made this mixed media puzzle piece.  I had used a black permanent marker to trace the shape of each puzzle on scraps of magazine clippings.

puzzle inspiration

As I was gathering these scraps, I was inspired to do yet another slant on puzzles!  So I covered 6″ x 6″ canvas boards with scraps of paper and turn these pieces of “trash” into little mixed wall hangings.


puzz 1


puzz 2


puzz 3

It is so fun to experiment and make something I have never seen before!


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