Repurposed Inspiration: BANGLE Bracelet Art

bracelet feature

I love purchasing jars of junk jewelry at Goodwill.  However I have come home disappointed the last few months as I stopped into many Goodwill stores and the glass counter didn’t have any of those tantalizing jars. Finally, last week I scored!!!  My eyes popped out as I saw two jars chocked full of  treasures and I didn’t have to think twice if I wanted them.  When I got home it was so fun to dump the contents on the table and sort.


bracelet start

When I had the pile of bangle bracelets I thought it would be fun to experiment with making a pretty piece of art


bracelet start info

Two of the bracelets had pretty beads secured to the outside so I used glue to attach some beads to two of the silver toned brangles.


bracelet start (2)

I played with the design using interesting pieces from the junk jewelry jar.  Then I decided on the acrylic paint color and covered a 10 x 10 gallery wrapped canvas with two colors of acrylic paint.


bracelet feature

After everything was glued down with E6000, the title dawned on me….”Second Chance”  and this junk jewelry is definitely having a second chance!

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