Freebie Friday: Free Printable Greeting Card

kindness to me feature

This thank you card was the result of sorting through a huge stack of pretty papers that I saved.  The pink and brown print was a sample of 1700’s wall paper.  A local shop owner gave me some Cavallini Papers catalogs so I got the elephant and the globe images from that catalog.

I used thin washi tape to make a bright red border and used my photo software to write the sentiment in script font.

It seemed appropriate to use the elephant to convey “NEVER FORGET.”   I am in the timeline of my life where I am going to have to pass out a bunch of thank you cards like this.  My husband is in the middle of having life threatening issues and unless the Lord does a miracle, he will be going “HOME” to be with Jesus soon.

Right now I don’t have tears for my situation (because the grace of God is so strong around me) but I do break out in tears for all the kindness folks have extended to us in our time of need. Everyone is so loving and caring….something I will NEVER FORGET.


kindness to me feature

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