Repurposed Inspiration: The Sea is Her Cup of Tea Pot Doll

the sea is her cup of tea feature

I got a fabulous deal on this vintage teapot and made another “Sea is her cup of tea” doll.  It is the perfect decoration for an eclectic beach cottage.


sea is her cup of tea top

I have some cheap ping pong balls from Dollar Tree so I experimented by covering it with paper clay.  I used a mold to make the face and “smooched” it on the ping pong ball covering the whole ball with clay.  I let it dry overnight and painted the details.

Next I added a sheet music paper crown with moss details.  I used small shells and pearl beads to decorate the top.


sea is her cup of tea bottom

I use a combination of E6000 and hot glue.  Hot glue holds the shell in place for the E6000 to set.  I call it gluing “now and later”. teehee


sea is her cup of tea spout

Old necklace chains and glass pendants hang from the spout for some whimsical decoration.


sea is her cup of tea info

Through the years I have sold  vintage teapot dolls….each one of a kind with their own personality!






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