Repurposed Inspiration: Slice of Life Mixed Media Pizza Box

slice of life feature

I have never eaten at a Pizza Schmizza before and was so excited when I discovered this individual pizza slice box because I had recently collected the cool phrase that could apply to a slice of pizza:

“I’ll have a big slice of life…but hold the drama”


slice of life start

I thought it would be fun to make an artsy slice of pizza with round mandalas to represent the pepperoni.

slice of life fyi

Step 1: cover the top of the box with some pretty yellow/white and green print scrapbook paper.

Step 2: cover the sides of the box with complimentary washi tape.

Step 3: add some trim along the top edge all around.

Step 4: cover the “crust” edge with rick rack.

Step 5: print out clip art mandalas and place to represent peperoni.

Step 6:  type the sentiment and print.  Cut it out and attach with glue stick.

slice of life feature

This made a fun quirky piece of art for an eclectic collector.  It is on the wall at Sunrose Gallery in Seaside, Oregon along with a bunch of whimsical art!












slice of life start




  1. You make me laugh so many times when I view your work. I love to see all your creations! Thank you for your sunshiny outlook.


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