Mixed Media Inspiration: “Fall’s Softest Song”

falls softest song feature

It was so satisfying to upcycle every element in this mixed media collage!

falls sofest song start

Not everything I make sells at our local galleries, so this pretty picture came home.  I loved the rich color of the acrylic paint plus the copper corners, so I carefully removed the paper image and proceeded to cover the glittery edge that was left.

softest song start resize

I scoured my “pretty paper” images for warm tones and cut them into 1/2″ strips with my paper cutter.

falls softest song fyi

Step One: Weave the paper strips in a lattice securing only the ends so more pieces can be weaved in.  Weave  a complete square.

Step Two:  Attach gold lame cord to metal leaves (or you could substitute wood or paper leaves)

Step Three:  Use hot glue to attach complimentary colored buttons to the top.

Step Four:  Wrap the lame cord around the buttons to secure them.

Step Five:  I labeled a tortoise shell cabachon and attached it with hot glue.

falls softest song feature

Isn’t this a nice way to celebrate fall?


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